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Explore the work of Hoyt Hilsman, an award-winning screenwriter, journalist and political figure.  He has written screenplays for the major movie studios and television networks, is a regular contributor to national media and was recently a candidate for Congress.  He grew up in Washington, DC where his father was head of intelligence for the State Department. 



This is a three-book series of international political thrillers featuring CIA agent Grant Stearns, an experienced senior agent who is highly prized for his success in dangerous, critical missions but frequently finds himself battling against red tape, political agendas and corruption, making enemies inside his own government. 


Nineteen Angels

Nineteen Angels is a fast-paced political thriller full of suspense and rich detail by award-winning screenwriter, journalist and political insider Hoyt Hilsman. The author of numerous feature films and TV shows, Hilsman is the son of a top Intelligence official under President Kennedy and has been active in politics and public policy, including running for Congress in California.


A regular contributor to media outlets like the New York Times and the Huffington Post, Hilsman brings an inside knowledge of both politics and intelligence that makes 19 Angels a gripping, ripped-from-the-headlines read.

"Hilsman has done a great job keeping you in the middle of the action with concise real time chapters and looking for the next plot twist. This is "24" in a hardcover, move over Jack Bauer. You don't want to put it down until you reach the thrilling conclusion."

The Chaklala Codes


When virtually all of the political and military leadership of Pakistan are wiped out by a terrorist attack at the inauguration ceremony of a new President, an international race begins to seize control of the country’s vulnerable cache of nuclear weapons.


CIA agent Grant Stearns and the Team Six Navy SEALs are sent on a mission to secure the top secret Wah nuclear munitions center (near the infamous Osama Bin Laden compound in Abbottabad) and unlock the mysterious Chaklala Codes – the encrypted keys to Pakistan’s nuclear weapons – before anyone else gets ahold of them.

Back Channel


Back Channel is a political thriller, inspired by news reports of secret negotiations between Saddam Hussein's government and the Bush administration prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The story focuses on an American intelligence officer who is contacted by an Iraqi diplomat — an old friend — with an offer to negotiate. The official's life, both professional and personal, is thrown into danger when he reports the contact to the office of the Vice-President. Back Channel, while a work of fiction, echoes many of the events that have come to light in the years since the invasion of Iraq.

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