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PNT's Women's Project presents

Practice House


Rachael Carnes

Directed by Mary Chalon


Lois Foraker

Jill Rogosheske

Heather Taylor

Marisa Chandler

Tia Laulusa

James Calvert


Sunday, October 15 @ 3 PM

Monday, October 16 @ 7 PM

or call 626-345-5116


 Practice House is based on a real chapter in American education, in which babies were leased from local orphanages for the purpose of training women in the new and improved “scientific parenting methods" as they studied for their lives as wives and mothers.


Careening at breakneck speed from funny to fallout, our cautionary tale asks: Where have we been, and.. are we doomed to go there again?

Reservations strongly recommended.

Judy Graunke cookies and a glass of something.

Sit back and enjoy.


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